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Application Forms - Index

Below you will find a list of the most frequently used application forms.
If you are uncertain which form(s) to complete, please visit the related section of our website.

For your convenience, all forms can be completed using Adobe Acrobat. To facilitate completion, we recommend that you use Acrobat 9 or higher. Download the latest version of  Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Accreditation Kit (zip) Download
Change of Ownership
Complete Change of Ownership (zip) Download
Partial Change of Ownership (zip) Download
Minor Stock Transfer (zip) Download
Conversion forms Non Ticketing to Ticketing (zip) Download
Conversion forms Ticketing to Non Ticketing (zip) Download
Personnel Registration
Travel Professional Profile Form (pdf) Download
CTD/CCL Affidavit (pdf) Download
Other Change Forms
Accreditation Amendment Form (pdf) Download
Affidavit of Ownership(pdf) Download
Agency Agreement (pdf) Download
Errors and Omissions (pdf) Download
Logo License Agreement (pdf) Download
Fee Schedule (pdf) Download
Host Service Locations
HSL annual affidavit (pdf) Download
HSL ICB and ICE Registration Forms (pdf) Download
HSL quick reference sheet (pdf) Download

Additional information

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